RiskFusion® transforms legal enforcement notices into measurable risk indicators

Key Benefits

  • Find conduct and risk framework faults in a very targeted way
  • Construct evidence-based regulatory and conduct compliance frameworks, using a risk approach
  • Provide analytical risk quantification.  Instead of soft estimates we provide hard facts
  • Identify infringement trends
  • Benchmark risk framework methodology focusing on the precise areas of regulatory interest
  • Actions plans to strengthen or remediate are thus highly focused, cost effective and relevant



At the heart of the Corlytics solution is a dataset that aggregates and standardises regulatory enforcement. We capture over 100 data-points. Each case is reviewed by specialist lawyers who annotate the case providing metadata and insight.

Our risk intelligence covers individuals as well as firms. We track enforcement trends where regulators take action against employees resulting in prison sentences, bans or other consequence. This intelligence covers multiple jurisdictions including the FCA Senior Manager and Certification regime in the UK.



Regulators apply different enforcements models and processes. Corlytics has developed a taxonomy that structures enforcement notices enabling you to look across jurisdictions for common trends and patterns. This global intelligence means we can pick out emerging trends that are otherwise invisible.



Corlytics enables you to measure regulatory risks. All enforcement notices are broken down into a comprehensive range of regulatory categories. Corlytics provides fine-grained intelligence enabling you to conduct comparative risk analysis amongst your service lines, markets and peers.


With Corlytics, you can model possible scenarios such as entry into a new jurisdiction to understand a future risk profile.



Corlytics analyses the enforcement outcomes of each regulator and regulatory categories, optimising control improvements and remediation actions that are best in class.

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